Ever since I was a kid, I pointed at curiosities, anomalies nobody else had noticed.

Now, the joy of being fully aware of my surroundings, when holding a camera is priceless.
Behind every step rests the promise of a new discovery, a light, a person, an image.
Hyperfocus is the state I prefer to be in.


Code is magic. It is a superpower of creation. It is graphic serendipity.
It is my brain that writes code that then mathematicaly and miraculously turns into complex images, that I could have never have made otherwise.
It is the brain talking directly to the heart.

As I discover new and better ways of coding animations or graphics, I sense a great joy. Since my brain is in a bad condition, I love it when it occasionally still comes up with great insights, though they are too insignificant in the real world, and rejoyced by no one other than myself.